'Women Wage Peace': Israeli and Palestinian women march side by side

In Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Jewish and Arab women have joined forces in a bid to put peace back on top of the political agenda. Over the weekend, some 30,000 of them took part in a rally in Jerusalem. Now they have to find a way of uniting their leaders so that they return to the negotiating table. Our correspondent Irris Makler reports.


Meanwhile, in Yemen, the fighting between forces loyal to the internationally recognised president - backed by a Saudi-led coalition - and Houthi rebels has left thousands of people dead. Today, neighbouring Riyadh is finding it increasingly challenging to prevent a conflict that it backs from spilling over its borders. Catherine Viette explains.

Finally, we bring you the story of a group of young Syrian activists who built a secret library in a hidden basement in a suburb south of Damascus. Their goal was to save the books of Daraya, which they rescued from abandoned houses, destroyed offices and ravaged mosques. One woman followed their journey and compiled it in a book. Delphine Minoui is an award-winning Franco-Iranian journalist for Le Figaro. She joins us in the studio to tell us more.

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