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The deadliest attacks in Somalia since 2010


Mogadishu (AFP)

The massive weekend truck bombing which killed at least 137 people in Mogadishu is the deadliest in conflict-riven Somalia so far. Here some of the other major attacks:

- 2017 -

February 19: A car bomb explodes in a busy intersection in the capital Mogadishu, killing 39 people.

No one claims responsibility but it comes on the day the Shabaab Islamist militants warn of a merciless war against the new president.

- 2016 -

February 29: At least 30 people are killed and about 60 are wounded in twin bombings in the southwestern city of Baidoa, claimed by the al-Qaeda-linked Shabaab.

- 2013 -

April 14: A nine-man suicide attack squad blasts its way into Mogadishu's main court complex in a rampage that leaves 29 civilians dead, while a separate bomb attack kills five more.

- 2012 -

January 24: The Shabaab take credit for a suicide attack that kills 33 soldiers at a military base housing Ethiopian peacekeeping troops in central Somalia.

- 2011 -

October 4: At least 82 people die and 150 are injured in a truck bombing at the ministerial complex of the transitional government. It is the first attack claimed by the Shabaab since they were pushed out of Mogadishu.

- 2010 -

May 1: Twin bombings rock Mogadishu's popular Bakara market and a nearby mosque, an Islamist bastion. At least 32 people are killed, the majority of them Shabaab members.

August 24: Thirty-three people including several MPs die after the Shabaab stage a suicide attack at a Mogadishu hotel frequented by lawmakers and top government officials.

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