Meeting Mohammad Alqadi, the Palestinian marathon man

He's run 10 marathons in 19 months, each time raising the Palestinian flag to bring attention to the plight of his people. But 27-year-old Mohammad Alqadi was prevented from taking part in the Chicago Marathon earlier this month due to a contentious travel ban imposed by US President Donald Trump. Mohammad joins us in the studio to tell us more about his activism through running.


Next, we focus on the women of the Islamic State group. Whether it's through choice or through force, they've pledged allegiance to the militant fighters. The terror group has now even taken the unprecedented step of calling on its female supporters to take up arms against their enemies. Some of them, meanwhile, have been captured and are currently detained in Erbil.

Finally, for young men living in Egypt, marriage - long the centerpiece of Middle Eastern life - is in crisis. At the same time, almost 90 percent of unemployed workers are under 30. One filmmaker has now released a short film about this "lost generation", which is generating a great deal of buzz. Our correspondents report.

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