Inside the Americas

California: When your home is reduced to ashes

More than 6,000 buildings have been destroyed by the deadliest wildfires in California's history. Entire neighbourhoods in parts of the state's wine country were reduced to ashes. With California struggling with housing shortages even before the fires, residents who have lost their houses face an uphill battle. Meanwhile, thousands still don't know if they have homes to return to. Our correspondent Gallagher Fenwick followed one family's plight in Santa Rosa.


We also head to Brazil, where a rapper is taking a stand against deforestation. MC Kunumi comes from the long-persecuted Guarani tribe, who once inhabited the rainforest. Now he and others like him live on an indigenous reserve near São-Paulo. At just 17 years old, MC Kunumi is using his music to fight for the rights of his people and he's starting to get heard. Our correspondents went to meet him.

And in Canada, climate change has sparked a wine-growing revolution in the French-speaking region of Quebec. Vineyards there are flourishing due to the region's warmer summers. We take a closer look.

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