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Dana Soumbouloglou: One woman's bodybuilding dream in Jordan

Bulging muscles and glistening sweat can be desirable traits in a man. But in a woman, they tend to spark a little more debate, especially in deeply conservative societies in the Middle East. One woman in Jordan is however trying to muscle her way into the world of bodybuilding. Dana Soumbouloglou, a 23-year-old student, joins us from Amman to talk about the daily challenges that she faces.


Meanwhile, the Syrian Democratic Forces declared victory in Raqqa last week. The black flags have been taken down and the Islamic State group fighters have gone, but the city is in pieces. Our colleagues at France 2 television report from what is now a ghost town.

And in Gaza, local residents are giving the world a glimpse into their lifestyle. Although they themselves require permission from Israeli or Egyptian officials to leave the Strip, they say that their photos don't. Some Gazans are now making a name for themselves on Instagram.

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