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Using mobile apps to track gun violence in Brazil

A Spanish tourist was fatally shot by military police in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro this week, after authorities said the vehicle she was travelling in failed to stop at a police checkpoint. Amid daily violence in Rio, several mobile apps which track gun violence and warn users of conflict zones have been developed. We take a closer look.


Also, in a case which has gripped the United States, Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has returned to a military courtroom. The 31-year-old soldier, who spent five years as a Taliban prisoner, faces up to life behind bars, after he pleaded guilty to the rare charge of misbehaviour before the enemy as well as desertion.

And staying in the United States, we tell you about the famous restaurant commonly known as a diner. American diners were once synonymous with cheap eating and a friendly atmosphere. These days, though, many are on the verge of disappearing - we find out why.

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