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Middle East matters

Amrou Al-Kadhi: The Iraqi-British drag performer making waves

Until the age of 11, Amrou Al-Kadhi was an Iraqi living in the UAE and Bahrain - immersed in religion, Arab morality and an obligation to "keep up appearances". It was a "silencing" experience for someone with gender identity disorder and something the 27-year-old came to reject as a teenager. In a bid to renounce Islam and a Middle Eastern heritage, Amrou turned to drag, and is now part of a troupe called Denim. He joins us to talk about how he grew up between two cultures.


Also, the Balfour Declaration, a 67-word document that changed the face of the Middle East, is turning 100 years old. It has been celebrated by Israelis and contested by Palestinians and historians alike for decades. But what exactly does it say? Shirli Sitbon explains.

Meanwhile, in Egypt, girls under 18 are continuing to get married. The country's lawmakers announced in October that they're moving to impose measures against child marriage. But in rural areas, where the phenomenon is widespread, many families have no intention of changing their practices. Our correspondents report.

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