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The painful history of Japanese citizens abducted by North Korea

By: William HILDERBRANDT Follow | Joanna COCKERELL | Sonia BARITELLO | Stéphanie CHEVAL
1 min

Donald Trump has made his first visit to Japan as US president and met Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The top talking point was the rising threat from North Korea. But that threat, at least for Japan, goes beyond the rockets, missiles and nuclear bombs. The two leaders also discussed the decades-old issue of Japanese citizens being abducted by North Korean agents.


Meanwhile, in India, farmers outside Jaipur have been angry at government plans to acquire their land for a housing project. The Rajasthan officials plan to build around 10,000 houses in the area, but the leader of the protest argues the government has offered insufficient compensation. Gaelle Faure, from the FRANCE 24 Observers desk, tells us more about this unusual protest movement.

And more and more university graduates in China think that plastic surgery could boost their employment prospects. This year, some 14 million Chinese are expected to have cosmetic surgery, a whopping 42 percent surge from last year.

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