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Charity or business? When big companies provide jobs for Syrian refugees

Some 650,000 Syrian refugees are living in Jordan, where up until last year, they were denied the right to work for a living. But now, from NGOs to the private sector, hundreds of Syrians have found jobs - a lifeline for those stuck in limbo and struggling for a better life. But as our correspondents in Amman report, those companies hiring refugees have come up against some unexpected challenges.


Meanwhile, Saad Hariri says he's headed back to Lebanon. It comes after he stepped down as the country's prime minister in a shock announcement from Saudi Arabia earlier this month. Beirut claims the resignation was forced by Riyadh. The political crisis is pushing to the forefront a regional power struggle between long-time enemies Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Finally, we meet Dr Amir Khalil, from the animal welfare group Four Paws, who rescues animals from disaster areas and war zones. He led a daring, high-risk operation to save the last animals at Magic World, a theme park in Aleppo that was severely damaged by the Syrian conflict. It was a gruelling mission that required months of planning and diplomacy.

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