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Amnesty warns of 'horrific' violence in Cameroon's anglophone regions

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Latest update : 2017-11-21

Celebrations erupt in the streets of Harare as Mugabe resigns

After vowing to stay in power until death, Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe has resigned as president, ending his 37-year rule one week after a military takeover. In this special edition on the rise and fall of Mugabe, we speak to our correspondent in Harare and a Zimbabwean Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University.

After 37 years in power, Robert Mugabe has resigned as Zimbabwe's president. The speaker of parliament delivered the news, halting an impeachment hearing against the 93-year-old leader.

In a letter, the world's oldest head of state said he was stepping down voluntarily to pave the way for a peaceful transfer of power. Celebrations erupted in the streets of Harare on news of Mugabe's resignation.

Mugabe's former deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa, is expected to be sworn in as interim president later this week, after being sacked by Mugabe earlier this month.

By Mary COLOMBEL , Mariam SAAB


2018-09-18 EYE ON AFRICA

Amnesty warns of 'horrific' violence in Cameroon's anglophone regions

In tonight's edition: Amnesty International sounds the alarm over escalating violence in Cameroon's anglophone crisis. Also, South Africa legalises personal and private use of...

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2018-09-14 EYE ON AFRICA

Zimbabwe's government criticised over cholera outbreak

Zimbabwe's government faces growing criticism over a cholera epidemic that's killed at least 25 people, but authorities say they are committed to ending the outbreak. Also, as...

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2018-09-13 EYE ON AFRICA

Final farewell to Kofi Annan at Ghana state funeral

A final farewell to Kofi Annan: World leaders, diplomats and royalty are among the mourners paying tribute to the former UN chief and global statesman at his funeral in Ghana....

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2018-09-12 EYE ON AFRICA

EU aims to create 10 million jobs in Africa

Ten million jobs for Africans created in the next five years: The European Commission announces plans for a new alliance between Africa and the EU. Also, South Sudan's President...

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2018-09-11 EYE ON AFRICA

Ethiopia and Eritrea reopen border crossings for first time in two decades

It's been dubbed a frontier of peace and friendship: Ethiopia and Eritrea reopen key border crossings for the first time in 20 years. In Ghana, the public says a final farewell...

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