Emmerson Mnangagwa sworn in as Zimbabwe’s president

Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwean rule comes to an end and Emmerson Mnangagwa is sworn in as interim president. Meanwhile, Anglophone activists in Cameroon call for secession and an independent state of 'Ambazonia', and in Nigeria, the gay community has long lived in fear and in the shadows with strict laws outlawing homosexuality.


Celebrations break out across Zimbabwe as Robert Mugabe finally resigns. The 93-year-old stepped down after facing massive pressure to allow for, what he calls “a smooth and peaceful transfer of power”.

Also, a year after Cameroon's Anglophone crisis began, we bring you a special report about the growing calls for the creation of a new state called “Ambazonia”.

And we take a closer look at what life is like for gay men and women living in Nigeria. This as 40 people stand trial, charged with committing homosexual acts.

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