Africa - EU summit overshadowed by slave trade reports from Libya

In this edition, we turn our attention towards the African Union - European Union summit in Abidjan. The summit on jobs and development was overshadowed by recent reports of slave auctions in Libya. And in South Sudan, at least 50 people have been killed and around 60 women and children abducted by tribal militia in Jonglei state. A recent study suggests that domestic abuse and assault against women are on the rise in the war-torn country.


As leaders from of 80 nations from across the EU and AU meet in Abidjan for a summit meant to focus on youth and development, migration is on top of the agenda.

And recent revelations that slave markets have sprung up in migration camps in Libya have led to an emergency meeting on the inhuman trade in lives. The UN, AU and EU have announced the creation of a joint task force to try and stop the abuses committed by people smugglers.

Finally, as violent clashes continue in South Sudan's civil war, a study suggest that more women are facing violence and that cases of domestic abuse are on the rise.

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