Across Africa

French President Macron's West Africa tour

French President Emmanuel Macron kicked off his West Africa tour with a speech at Ouagadougou University in Burkina Faso. And following Robert Mugabe's departure from power some of Zimbabwe’s diaspora in South Africa contemplate returning. In central Mali, attacks have forced the closure of over 200 schools. In Tunisia, it's bumper season for olive oil producers. And a choreographer in Nigeria has set the Guinness World Record for the Longest Solo Dance - with an impressive 137-hour performance.


In his first major speech in Africa, France's president spoke to students in Burkina Faso, insisting he's a different kind of leader of the former colonial power. "We don't want to tell Africans what to do," he said. But despite his assurances, some remain sceptical.

Amid growing insecurity in Mali, attacks by terror groups and radical preachers force over 200 schools to close. Our correspondent reports from the central city of Mopti.

And Tunisia expects its olive oil output to triple this winter. We take you deep into the organic olive groves where the harvest is already well underway.

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