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North Korea: Global sanctions hit Pyongyang’s ‘experiment in capitalism’

In North Korea, the port city of Rason has a special status as an economic zone. Attracting foreign businesses in manufacturing, tourism and transportation, some even speculate that Rason might be a North Korean experiment in limited capitalism. One thing does appear certain though: The wellbeing of the economic hub is at odds with the communist regime's nuclear ambitions.


And in India, it's been five years since the fatal gang rape of a young woman who was attacked by six men on a bus in New Delhi. The attack caused global outrage and prompted thousands to protest an increase in the country’s sex attacks, calling for new laws, more enforcement and raising a long-overdue debate over gender-based hate crimes. Five years on, The Thomson Reuters foundation recently named the Indian capital, along with Brazil's Sao Paulo, as the world's worst megacity for sexual violence against women.

Although Hong Kong has one of the world's most recognisable skylines, the view from atop its skyscrapers may change your perspective of the city. In a city so densely populated, space is at a premium. Rooftops provide a setting for anything from death-defying stunts to slums that have a better view than a penthouse.

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