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Readying the eurozone for future storms: EU Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis

Picture a house – built by different teams of workers, over several decades, and only partially finished when a powerful storm strikes. The walls and roof need reinforcing quickly to withstand the bad weather – but what do you do when the storm has passed? That’s the metaphor European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker used to paint a picture of the eurozone as it traversed the global financial crisis, and the decade of instability that ensued.


The current European Commissioner in charge of the euro was in the eye of the storm as prime minister of his home country, Latvia, during that time. Valdis Dombrovskis tells Catherine Nicholson what refurbishments and reinforcements the Commission is now planning in order to guard against future financial doldrums, particularly amid political uncertainty in Germany, and with Brexit looming large.

Produced by Isabelle Romero, Anais Guerard and Roxane Runel.

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