Macron calls for 'much stronger mobilisation' on climate


Paris (AFP)

French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday called for stronger action in the fight against climate change, as he hosted world leaders for talks two years to the day since the Paris agreement.

"We are very far from the goal of the Paris agreement of limiting the rise in temperatures to below a two-degree threshold," he told Le Monde newspaper.

"Without much stronger mobilisation, a jolt to our means of production and development, we will not succeed," he warned.

Macron's comments came as leaders met in the world capital to discuss the trillions of dollars of investment in clean energy needed if the climate deal is to stay on track.

Tuesday's talks were overshadowed by US President Donald Trump's decision in June to pull out of the pact, which had taken nearly 200 nations more than two decades to negotiate.

Macron on Monday reminded Trump of his responsibility to history over his decision to quit the agreement, in an interview aired on CBS.

"I'm pretty sure that my friend President Trump will change his mind in the coming months or years," he added.