List of Russian doping suspects given to federations

Lausanne (AFP) –


The World Anti Doping Agency gathered chiefs of sports federations and Olympic committees in Lausanne on Thursday and passed on information on athletes suspected of having benefitted in Russian state sponsored doping.

As investigations are ongoing, WADA has not publicly released the list of suspects.

Intelligence from the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) database of the former WADA-accredited Moscow Laboratory was handed over to 60 international officials at the meeting.

Wada has "forensically reconstructed the database; determined its authenticity; uncovered and analysed its hidden content; and, determined what valuable intelligence could be shared," a press release said.

Results of thousands of individual athlete samples ? a number of which relate to Presumptive Adverse Analytical Findings (PAAFS), were shared with the relative federations.

In violation of WADA rules, the Moscow Laboratory would report all PAAFs on home athletes to the Ministry of Sport, who would then decise to "save" or "quarantine" the concerned athlete.

"International Federations can consider WADA as their collaborative partner in pursuing their investigations," said Gunter Younger, WADA's chief intelligence officer.

"It is now over to them to diligently follow up on this new intelligence. We will be available to advise and guide each Federation in the handling of their respective cases," Younger said.