Exclusive video: South Sudan, a cursed land

For the past four years South Sudan has been torn apart by civil war – and the situation in the country is desperate. Famine rages across all conflict zones and the first victims are often displaced people. As battles are lost on the ground, families are forced to leave everything behind to try to survive. FRANCE 24 reporters Charles Emptaz and Olivier Jobard spoke to people in the eastern rebel-held Jonglei region as government troops led an offensive to take the regional capital of Waat.


In South Sudan, the rebels are desperately waiting for rain. The rainy season is coming soon, which should stop the advance of government tanks and troops who have taken control of Waat, the regional capital. The battle has led to an exodus of tens of thousands of civilians from the Nuer ethnic group, the main supporters of the rebels.

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Our reporters spoke to people in the east of the country in the state of Jonglei, around 10 kilometres from the front line.

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