Twittersphere aghast over Trump likeness at Disney exhibit

Miami (AFP) –


It's got his orangish hair, too-long tie, and trademark unbuttoned jacket. But is that robo-guy at Disney's Hall of Presidents really supposed to be Donald Trump?

If you go by the chorus of tweets out there ranging from puzzled to horrified, the facial likeness of the animatronic figure unveiled Tuesday is a botch job.

The robotic figure stands on a stage alongside life-size models of Trump's predecessors.

It can speak and move its hands, but was widely derided by friends and foe for its fleeting resemblance to the 45th president.

Twitter users said the figure, dressed in a dark suit, looked more like Hillary Clinton or Hollywood actor Jon Voight, a Trump supporter.

Others compared it to veteran US actress Angela Lansbury or the character Biff Tannen from the film "Back to the Future."

"The more I see of Disney's 'Hall of Presidents' Trump, the more I'm convinced they made a Hillary one first and had to redo it" said Twitter user Maplecocaine.

"It looks like Jon Voight and Hillary had a man-baby," said another Twitter account under the handle Tyree.

The comedy website Funny or Die quickly dubbed over the official recording on Trump's voice, in which he talks about "the achievements of the American spirit," with some of his more lurid proclamations, such as the "Access Hollywood" tape in which he boasts of sexually grabbing women.

With a nod to the special prosecutor's investigation into the Trump campaign's possible ties to Russian election meddling, Twitter user Rex Hupke said that "the best part of Donald Trump being in Disney's Hall of Presidents will be when they move him ... and put him in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride's jail."

Singer and movie star Bette Midler recalled the president's sensitivity to criticism that he has small hands, joking that "they had to use an old pair of hands from one of the 'It's a Small World' kids."

There was no immediate reaction from the president himself, a prolific user of Twitter.