Texans Clowney fills trash cans from irked Jaguars fans with toys


Los Angeles (AFP)

Houston Texans defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, who riled Jacksonville Jaguars fans by calling their quarterback "trash" is turning a "negative situation" into a "blessing".

Jags fans did a little online shopping after Clowney's comments on quarterback Blake Bortles last weekend, ordering up trash cans to be shipped to the Texans player at the team's NRG stadium.

On Friday, Clowney said he'd found a good use for the rubbish receptacles, and would fill them with toys to distribute to women and children at a Houston shelter.

"Thank you @Jaguars fans for sending trash cans to NRG!" Clowney tweeted, along with a picture of himself with a truckload of toys. "It inspired me to fill them and an entire truck with toys to turn a negative situation into a blessing for some deserving women and children."

Even Jags fans couldn't stay mad at Clowney.

"That's how you do! Awesome job, @clownejd!" tweeted Bonnie Upright, the Jaguars fan who said she came up with the trash can troll. "Merry #Trashmas one and all!"