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Migrants targeted by slavetraders in Libya, UN reports

In this week's edition: The UN reports that migrants are being sold off as slaves in Libya, and exiled Gambians are beginning to return home after former leader Yahya Jammeh’s ouster. And in Egypt, Jews are expressing despair over the demise of their culture there. Once a large Egyptian community, there are now only a few Jews left in the country.


UN investigators in Libya say African migrants are believed to be targeted by slave-traders. Victims are said to suffer extortion, abuse and some are even murdered.

And in Gambia, the new government is encouraging the thousands of people who fled into exile during ex-president Yahya Jammeh’s reign to return home. We meet one Gambian entrepreneur who has already heeded the call after going into exile in the United States.

Around half a century ago, Egypt's Jewish population numbered over one hundred thousand. But today less than two dozen remain and many struggle to come to terms with the local demise of their culture.

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