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Trump's invitation to immigrate leaves Norwegians cold

© AFP | US President Donald Trump met with Norway's Prime Minister Erna Solberg on January 10, 2018 in Washington


President Donald Trump's invitation to Norwegians to immigrate to the United States, while railing against entrants from "shithole" countries, has received a glacial reception in this Nordic country.

The US leader prompted a wave of indignation on Thursday in reported remarks, made to US Senators and Congressmen when he said ""Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?"

Trump was referring to African countries and Haiti, US newspapers reported.

The US leader then suggested the United States should welcome immigrants from places like Norway, whose prime minister met with Trump on Wednesday.

Norwegians reacting on social media were in no hurry to relocate.

Last year the Nordic nation was named the happiest country in the world.

"I?m a Norwegian who enjoyed studying and working in the US. The only thing that would attract me to emigrate to the US is your vibrant multicultural society. Don?t take that away," declared Jan Egeland, a former UN Under Secretary General and the current head of the Norwegian Refugee Council.

Another Norwegian tweeter, riismeister, said "why would I trade very affordable healthcare (including mental health), very affordable higher education, 49 weeks parental leave (combined for mom+dad), and minimum 25 vacation days per year for a maniac with a big button who wants to take away even more of my rights?"

For influential Norwegian commentator Andreas Wiese, Trump's comments were "proof of his racism".

According to the Norwegian statistics institute SSB, 502 Norwegians left the country to relocate to the United States in 2016, 59 fewer than the previous year.

Norway's foreign minister refused to comment on the controversy.

© 2018 AFP