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#THE 51%

India's vanishing women workers

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'New right', old ideas? A closer look at the far right in Germany

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Reporters: An outside view of France's Fifth Republic

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#TECH 24

Audrey Tang: A hacker-turned-minister in Taiwan

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The Land of the Rising Sun comes to La République

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Concerts Without Borders: Making classical music accessible

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UK car industry says draft Brexit deal is 'positive step'

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'Resignations, a coup and a day of hostility. But May fights on'

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Surveying the 'Brexsh*t'

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Our panel of Paris-based journalists review the week’s international news: the stories that made the headlines and also those you may have missed! Join us every Friday at 7.10 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2018-01-12

Trump's closed border policy, France's #MeToo row, Merkel still standing

Our panel of journalists look at Donald Trump denying that he asked Democratic lawmakers "why are we having all these people coming from shithole countries"? We also look at the controversial open letter, signed by 100 prominent French women, which criticised the #MeToo movement; Germany preparing for another Grand Coalition; and French President Emmanuel Macron's visit to China.

Produced by Daniel BARNEY, Alessandro XENOS, Laura BURLOUX.

By François PICARD

Our guests

Christopher DICKEY

Foreign Editor at the Daily Beast

Pierre HASKI

President, Reporters Without Borders


FRANCE 24 journalist, @SanamF24


Journalist, The New York Times



2018-11-09 The World This Week

US midterm results; WWI commemorations; Weber tipped to lead EU Commission

The World This Week looks at the US, where the dust still hasn't settled on midterms marked by a record high turnout in parts and a shifting political landscape. Democrats...

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2018-11-02 The World This Week

Brazil under Bolsonaro; US midterms campaign; Merkel's long Auf Wiedersehen

The World This Week looks at Brazil's new president Jair Bolsonaro setting the tone after a resounding win; Donald Trump playing the migrant card ahead of US midterm elections;...

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2018-10-26 The World This Week

Brazil's popular far-right presidential candidate, US pipe bombs, the Khashoggi murder case

Twelve packages, and still counting. Pipe bombs addressed to prominent critics of President Donald Trump are only one part of the increasingly toxic homestretch of the US midterm...

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2018-10-19 The World This Week

The Khashoggi case; Endless Brexit; Canada legalises cannabis

The World This Week looks at the latest in the investigation into the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, this as evidence mounts against Saudi Arabia. Also, this...

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2018-10-12 The World This Week

The backlash over Khashoggi: Pressure mounts over disappearance of Saudi journalist

The World This Week looks at the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi after he walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2. Turkish investigators say...

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