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Case dismissed against French troops accused of child rape in Central African Republic

A case is dismissed against French troops accused of raping children in Central African Republic; two years on, Ouagadougou residents remember the attack on the Cappuccino Restaurant; and the WHO is worried that the cholera outbreak could escalate into an epidemic in DR Congo.


Investigating magistrates say a lack of evidence is behind a decision to close a probe into allegations that French peacekeeping soldiers abused children in Central African Republic.

Also, it's been two years since Burkina Faso was hit by its first terrorist attack, in which dozens lost their lives in an armed raid on a hotel and a cafe in the capital. We catch up with some of those who've tried to rebuild their lives after the violence.

And the WHO says it’s worried there's a high likelihood that an outbreak of cholera in DR Congo could escalate into an epidemic. Recent flooding and poor sanitation have exacerbated the risk of the disease spreading in Kinshasa.

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