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Fighting unemployment: Millions of Indians face layoffs amid shrinking job market

For several years now, India has been selling its wares as one of Asia's biggest economies. But despite the government's claims that things are getting rosier, there's been no impact on the country's massive unemployment rate. Prime Minister Modi's promise to create ten million jobs has come to almost nothing, with the jobless rate climbing by five percent. Our correspondents Suyash Shrivastava and Alice Lejeune report.


Meanwhile, in Pakistan, despite being staunchly conservative about many social customs or lifestyles, people are surprisingly open to smoking hash. According to a UN survey a few years ago, cannabis was the most widely consumed drug there, with around four million users. In a country where alcohol is banned, smoking is often seen as the lesser of two evils.

And in Burma, electro music now has a massive fan base, with some of the world's biggest DJs coming to set out their decks. But the craze has also led to the emergence of a host of local acts hoping to delight crowds with their beats. We take a look.

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