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Suspected gas cylinder blast kills 42 on Zimbabwe bus

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Theresa May soldiers on; Israel political turmoil; France fuel protests

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'New right', old ideas? A closer look at the far right in Germany

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Art Deco: France's love affair with the Roaring Twenties

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#THE 51%

India's vanishing women workers

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Reporters: An outside view of France's Fifth Republic

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#TECH 24

Audrey Tang: A hacker-turned-minister in Taiwan

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The Land of the Rising Sun comes to La République

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Concerts Without Borders: Making classical music accessible

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Latest update : 2018-01-22

Why Hong Kong produces 200,000 tons of electronic waste per year

Where do your computers, tablets and smartphones go to die? Electronic waste is an environmental problem throughout Asia, but nowhere more so than in Hong Kong. For a long time the city was only a stepping stone before the waste went to mainland China. But since 2015, the Chinese authorities have banned its import and containers remain docked. Clandestine landfills are now popping up in Hong Kong. Our correspondents Antoine Védéilhé, Vivien Wong and Sarah O'Meara report on the consequences.

Meanwhile, in central Pakistan, DNA tests have confirmed that the same person carried out the rapes and murders of six children in the city of Kasur. Concerns that a serial killer is on the loose have prompted soul-searching over whether the country fails to protect the most vulnerable. It was only in 2016 that Pakistan criminalised child abuse.

Over in China, a photograph of an eight-year-old boy with icicles in his hair made waves in the country and around the world, becoming a symbol of those impoverished and left behind by the country's economic boom. We tell you more about Fuman Wang, the Ice Boy of China.

Finally, South Korea is putting its money where its mouth is. After saying it wants to become the epicentre of winter sports in Asia, the country has invested $800 million on new facilities ahead of hosting the Winter Olympics. But judging from the country's own track record, some facilities run the risk of being neglected or abandoned in the future.




2018-11-14 Access Asia

Chinese 're-education' camps: Muslim Uighurs speak out

Every five years, each UN member state's human rights record is examined at a meeting in Geneva. This time around, China was criticised for its so-called "re-education" camps....

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2018-10-31 Access Asia

Deported and devastated: A painful homecoming for Afghan migrants

There is concern that the EU is returning asylum seekers to the very instability they fled in the first place. In early October the bloc reached a deal with the Afghan government...

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2018-10-17 Access Asia

Uighurs and Kazakhs held in re-education camps in China

In western China, officials say they are fighting extremism by opening so-called "vocational training centres". But human rights groups argue these are actually mass detention...

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2018-10-09 Access Asia

Indonesia tsunami: Survivors describe ordeal

On September 28, the Indonesian island of Sulawesi was rocked by a 7.5-magnitude earthquake that triggered a tsunami. Hundreds of people lost their lives in the twin disasters,...

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2018-09-18 Access Asia

Iwao Hakamada, the Japanese boxer still fighting... for his life

In Japan, 82-year-old Iwao Hakamada spent half a century on death row before being released. But the former professional boxer is still locked in a legal back and forth. Today he...

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