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As Lebanon pushes for Syrian refugees to return home, dilemma remains

By: Jeanne LAVENANT | Mariam SAAB | Tamara PAVAN | Anne POUZARGUES
2 min

The Qaa border crossing between Lebanon and Syria reopened in December after being closed for some five years. Since the war in Syria began, the number of refugees in Qaa, the closest Lebanese town to the border, has reached 30,000. Earlier this year, Lebanese President Michel Aoun asked the international community to help them return home safely. But do these refugees want to go back? FRANCE 24's Julie Dungelhoeff reports from Qaa.


Also this week, Turkey launched an air and ground campaign in Syria's northwestern province of Afrin. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan now hopes to prevent the collective Kurdish forces from forming a united front along the Turkish border. We take a look at those different Kurdish armed groups, and what they each stand for.

Finally, we tell you about Ahed Tamimi, the new face of Palestinian resistance in the digital age. Footage of the 16-year-old confronting armed forces in the occupied West Bank has gone viral, leading to her arrest. However, the young activist could face up to seven years behind bars.

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