Body of DR Congo opposition leader Tshisekedi remains in Belgium

FRANCE 24 Screengrab | Tshisekedi's family stand around the late DR Congo opposition leader's casked in Belgium

One year after DR Congo's main opposition leader died in Belgium, his body still awaits repatriation. While his family accuses the government of deliberately delaying the process, Kinshasa claims unacceptable conditions have been set for its return.


Etienne Tshisekedi’s casket has been sitting in a Brussels funeral parlour for a full year now, with a disagreement holding it hostage over how, when and where the opposition leader should be repatriated and buried in his homeland.

While his family claims President Joseph Kabila and his government are deliberately postponing the process for fear that Tshisekedi’s homecoming may trigger a popular uprising, Kinshasa accuses the family of trying to use the body for extortion, refusing to repatriate it unless one of Tshisekedi’s sons is appointed to government.

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