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Researchers say 3,000-year-old skeleton belonged to 'hottie' with great teeth

IN THE WORLD PAPERS - Monday, January 29: Will the Russian youth finally unseat Vladimir Putin? Also, Israel and Poland are at loggerheads over a new law making it illegal to implicate Poland when talking about Nazi concentration camps. But is it history whitewashing? Also, find out how the #MeToo movement has changed workplace relations. Finally, researchers conclude that a 3,000-year-old skeleton was that of a ridiculously good-looking Bronze Age man!


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On Russian anti-Putin protests, will the youth lead the change?

What are the new boundaries in light of the #MeToo movement and how has it changed the workplace (for better or for worse)? The Washington Post is looking at how men are changing their behavior.

And he must have been the hottie of the Bronze Age! The Telegraph reports that British researchers have unveiled the identity behind 3,000-year-old bones.

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