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#THE 51%

India's vanishing women workers

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'New right', old ideas? A closer look at the far right in Germany

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Reporters: An outside view of France's Fifth Republic

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#TECH 24

Audrey Tang: A hacker-turned-minister in Taiwan

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The Land of the Rising Sun comes to La République

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Concerts Without Borders: Making classical music accessible

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UK car industry says draft Brexit deal is 'positive step'

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'Resignations, a coup and a day of hostility. But May fights on'

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Surveying the 'Brexsh*t'

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From young apprentices to accomplished craftsmen, from farmers to Michelin-starred chefs... We meet the people who keep French heritage alive. Saturday at 7.20 am. Or you can catch it online from Friday.

Latest update : 2018-01-29

The Via Domitia, France's southern highway in Roman times

The Via Domitia is a 600-kilometre-long route running through the south of France, linking the Pyrenees to the Alps. This masterpiece of engineering was built by the Romans some 2,000 years ago. FRANCE 24 retraces the route, taking in the Roman amphitheatre in the southern city of Nimes and much more.



2018-11-12 You are here

France's Viellard family: Hooked on steel

FRANCE 24 takes you to meet France's oldest industrial family, the Viellard. These masters of metal have been producing steel since 1796. But their story actually began during...

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2018-11-02 You are here

France's Basque country, where rugby is king

France's south-western Basque country is the land of amateur rugby. Every Sunday, people head to the stadium to cheer on their local team. FRANCE 24 takes you to discover a...

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2018-10-26 You are here

From Granville to Étretat, the jewels of France's Normandy coastline

FRANCE 24 takes you on a journey along France's Normandy coastline to discover its most famous seaside cities. Granville, "the Monaco of the north", is built around 15th century...

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2018-10-19 You are here

Fishing in France's Grau du Roi harbour, a family tradition

We head to the Grau du Roi harbour near Montpellier, in southern France, to meet a family of fishermen who have worked here for five generations. Today, Paul Gros is passing the...

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2018-10-12 You are here

The Piton de la Fournaise volcano: Sparks fly on France’s Reunion Island

It's one of the most active volcanoes on earth. The Piton de la Fournaise, on France's Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, continues to erupt regularly. Classed as a UNESCO World...

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