Venezuela crisis: Brazil struggles to cope with influx of refugees

As Venezuela's political and economic woes deepen, more and more residents are choosing to throw in the towel. Tens of thousands have already packed their bags to escape a humanitarian crisis that the Maduro government denies even exists. Many have headed over the border to Brazil. But that mass exodus is clogging up the asylum system and causing a headache for Venezuela's neighbour.


Meanwhile, when he came to office a year ago, he said he was inheriting an America that was in the gutter. Twelve months on, Donald Trump says his administration has radically turned things around. In his first ever State of the Union address, the US president said he'd ushered in a "new American moment" in which things are booming. But his Democratic rivals say Trump's a bully, and that the White House is more chaotic than productive.

And finally, when Haiti makes the headlines, it's usually because of its chronic levels of poverty or because of natural disasters. But for this week's show, we've been to the island's jazz festival to offer you something a little more upbeat. The event is already making waves on the international music scene. Our team reports from the capital.

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