Eye on Africa

Opposition politician detained in Kenya as protests erupt in Kibera

In tonight's edition: tensions rise in Kenya as three TV stations are still off air and protests erupt in Nairobi; Emmanuel Macron is in Senegal where he is co-hosting the Global Partnership for Education; and we speak to the UN about the refugee crisis in South Sudan.


Unrest continues in the Kenyan capital amid growing anger over a government crackdown. It’s the fourth day that the country's leading TV stations have been off air, this after they tried to broadcast opposition leader Raila Odinga being sworn in.

Also, Senegal's President Macky Sall and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron help raise hundreds of millions of dollars for the Global Partnership for Education. Also in attendance was the superstar Rihanna. We bring you latest from Dakar.

And the UN appeals to international donors for $3.2 billion in aid, this as millions of South Sudanese face dire conditions amid the country's ongoing civil war. We speak to the UN for more.

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