At Long Last! Philly Eagles take home Super Bowl in historic win

IN THE WORLD PAPERS - Monday, February 5: A racist attack on migrants by a far-right militant in Italy becomes a key issue, just weeks before elections. Next, it's revealed that once-enemies Israel and Egypt have been working together to fight the Islamic State group in the Sinai region, but not everyone is convinced. Also, we look at how Donald Trump celebrated Super Bowl Sunday and finally, a study looking at brain damage in woodpeckers gives hope to footballers suffering from brain injuries.


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Once foes, now friends... Israel and Egypt have been secretly working together to weed out the Islamic State group in the Sinai region. Will this change Egypt's view of Israel? The Jerusalem Post certainly hopes so.

Also, Donald and Melania Trump hosted a Super Bowl party, but sadly for the president, his team (the Patriots) lost. Meanwhile, a fascinating study looks at how brain damage in woodpeckers could actually be a good thing for American footballers suffering from traumatic brain injuries.

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