Kenyan government restores transmission to two major TV stations

In tonight's edition: the Kenyan government restores transmission to two major TV stations; pressure mounts on warring sides to end the civil war in South Sudan; and a leading ivory trade investigator is found murdered in Kenya.


We’re back on air: only two of the four TV stations shut down by the Kenyan government last week resume transmission. This despite a court order that all be allowed to broadcast. The crackdown prompts protests.

Also, "you are responsible for your own nightmare". Ethiopia pulls no punches with delegates gathered to start another round of peace talks between South Sudan's warring sides. Tens of thousands have been killed in four years of civil war.

And a flamboyant and passionate conservationist is found killed in Kenya. The police believe it was a botched robbery. US citizen Esmond Bradley Martin was a leading figure in the investigation of the illegal sale of ivory and rhino horn.

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