Top ANC officials discuss Jacob Zuma's fate

In tonight's bulletin: top ANC officials meet to discuss Jacob Zuma's fate; three soldiers are killed in the south-west anglophone region of Cameroon; and we find out why Nigerians want the police's anti-robbery squad scrapped.


Will he jump or can he be pushed? South Africans await an end to political limbo as a key committee of the ruling party continues Monday's long, closed-door negotiations about President Jacob Zuma's future.

Also, anglophone separatists in Cameroon claim to have kidnapped an official from one of the country's English-speaking regions. Yaounde claims three soldiers were killed in recent violence in the southwest.

And in Nigeria, online campaigners behind #EndSARS are calling for the disbandment of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, the police unit that deals with gun crime. This comes after several videos emerged of its members brutalising civilians.

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