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Inside the Americas

Mexico: Indigenous mobile phone network transforms rural areas

This week we head to Mexico, where a new mobile phone co-op has transformed rural communities without any other network. It's up and running thanks to a legal triumph by indigenous activists which cracked the monopoly of Mexico's powerful phone magnates. That opened the door to new services which have slashed the cost of communication, as our team in Mexico reports.


Next, we head to Canada with the sordid story of a serial killer in Toronto. The suspect is a landscape gardener who's been charged with the murder of five homosexual men. Dismembered remains of at least six bodies have been discovered since then. Investigators uncovered some of the human remains in potted plants and fear even more victims may be found.

And the mayor of Rio may have rained on the annual Carnival parade, but that hasn't kept some Samba lovers from fighting back. Our correspondents explain.

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