Cyril Ramophasa sworn in as South African president

In tonight's edition: Cyril Ramophasa is sworn in as South African president; the Ethiopian prime minister resigns; and we take a look at why cycling is so popular in Eritrea.


South Africa’s new president vows to clean house. Cyril Ramaphosa takes over as leader after Jacob Zuma's exit and promises to make a break with his predecessor’s reputation for back-room deals and corruption.

Also, Ethiopia’s prime minister resigns. Hailemariam Desalegn steps down to help smooth the introduction of new reforms. The country has seen years of unrest, but divisions within the ruling coalition run deep.

And Eritrea is a country passionate about bike racing. It's a love that can be traced back to Italian colonisation. We take a look at the training routes of the latest generation of avid cyclists.

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