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'Never again': Florida school students become new face of US gun reform

IN THE WORLD PAPERS - Monday, February 19: Florida students have been rallying for more gun control after last week's deadly school shooting. Some papers wonder: could this be the start of a new student-led social movement in the US? In other news, we look at reactions to a Kurdish alliance with the Syrian regime against the Turkish forces in Afrin. Finally, Norway's curling team has infused a bit of fashion into its game in PyeongChang this year!


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Parkland school students have become the new face of gun reform, but New York magazine wonders how far they'll go. One US journalist even suggests they may be at the forefront of driving social change against guns.

Also, curling has become cool again at this year's Olympics! It's thanks in part to the buff bods, as the New York Times reports, but also thanks to Norway's curling team who have delighted fans with their sartorial choices!

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