Kurdish courts put former Islamic State group fighters on trial

Screengrab from our exclusive FRANCE 24 report. A former fighter for the Islamic State Group goes on trial in Qamishli, in northeastern Syria.

Kurdish authorities in northern Syria are putting former Islamic State group fighters on trial. In this exclusive report, FRANCE 24 investigates the anti-terror tribunals in the city of Qamishli.


FRANCE 24 reporters went behind the scenes of an anti-terror courtroom in Qamishli in northeastern Syria - a region where Kurdish law prevails over Syrian law. Many former fighters for the Islamic State (IS) group, including foreigners, are awaiting trials there in a Kurdish court.

Kurdish forces almost entirely recaptured the city of Qamishli from the Syrian national army in 2012. Many former IS group fighters have been imprisoned in the city. FRANCE 24 journalists Roméo Langlois, Mayssa Awad and Mohammed Hassan were able to gain access to these prisons and film the prisoners in their cells.

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