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Surrogacy, bear chow & relocation: How scientists plan to save polar bears from extinction

IN THE WORLD PAPERS - Tuesday, February 27: Slovakian authorities vow to investigate the suspected murder of a prominent investigative journalist, the second such killing in Europe in six months. Also, we look at reaction in the Arab press to Russia's five-hour truce in Syria. Meanwhile, it's international polar bear day and we're looking at scientists' radical plan to save them. Finally, a Ghanaian teacher goes the extra mile for his computer-less students.


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Slovakia is in shock at the first suspected murder of a prominent young journalist as the government vows to find his killer.

It's International Polar Bear Day so we're looking at radical ways scientists plan to save the species from going extinct (including using grizzly bears as surrogates!)

Finally, a Ghanaian teacher goes the extra mile to show his students how to use Microsoft Word - without a computer.

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