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No more Winnie the Pooh or the letter 'N': China extends list of banned words

IN THE WORLD PAPERS - Wednesday, February 28: We look at the political uncertainty ahead of Italy's elections. Also, there's backlash from the Arab world over the closing and reopening of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Israel over proposed property taxes. Also, Chinese President Xi Jinping bans a whole list of words, books and even a letter of the alphabet! Finally, scientists have some good news for late risers!


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As political uncertainty grips Italy, has the country become the new sick man of Europe, as the Wall Street Journal attests?

There's censorship in China as the government decides to ban the letter 'N', plus Winnie the Pooh and several of George Orwell's books in a crackdown on dissent.

Finally, find out why late risers shouldn't get a bad rap - according to scientists.

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