Video: Libyan city of Benghazi dreams of a brighter future

Benghazi is on its knees. Libya’s second-largest city is struggling to recover from four years of war between jihadist militias and the self-declared "Libyan National Army" led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. Some 40 percent of the eastern port city was destroyed in the fighting. FRANCE 24’s Eric de Lavarène and Thierry Trelluyer report from Benghazi.


When jihadists fled the Libyan city of Benghazi last year, they left behind a minefield – both literally and metaphorically. Today, shops are reopening and life is returning to normal but the fear is that it could all fall apart again.

But locals are determined to rebuild their hometown and are showing boundless energy. Engineers, doctors and music teachers are among those who have volunteered to help the army rid the city of explosives. After four years of conflict, all they want is peace. Our reporters went to meet them.

As foreign journalists, our reporting in eastern Libya was supervised by the authorities. In Libya, one thing that has not changed is that journalists are not free to move around as they wish.

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