US Treasury chief blocks release of video showing heckling


Washington (AFP)

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will not allow the release of a video of his appearance this week that featured boisterous heckling by college students, the university said Thursday.

Students heckled and booed Mnuchin when he appeared Monday for a taping of the public radio program Marketplace at the University of California Los Angeles.

The audio is posted on the Marketplace website, but the university also filmed the program and had intended to post it online, until the Treasury Department withdrew its consent.

"Oh yeah, I'm dealing with students, I forgot. There's a lot of students," Mnuchin said during the broadcast amid the catcalls.

Some audience members were physically removed from the room.

But UCLA's Burkle Center for International Relations said Mnuchin had withdrawn his permission for the video to be released.

"The Burkle Center and Treasury Department officials had an agreement to post the video of Secretary Mnuchin's lecture at UCLA to the center's website following the event," university spokeswoman Peggy McInerny told AFP, confirming an earlier report in The New York Times.

"Treasury Department officials subsequently withdrew their consent to post the video."