France's far-right party now 'adult' and needs name change: Le Pen


Paris (AFP)

France's far-right leader Marine Le Pen said Friday her National Front party needs a name change because it has become "adult" and ready to govern.

As FN president, she said she would propose a new name for the party at its conference on Sunday.

"The National Front has become adult... its nature has changed. It has gone from a party first of protest in its youth, then an opposition party to a party of government," Le Pen said on French television.

The FN "must acquire the culture of alliances... the culture of a governing party and changing its name is one of the ways to let it be known," she said.

Le Pen last year made it to the run-off in the French presidential election which she then lost to Emmanuel Macron, whose policies she said were "putting down the middle and lower classes."

She also defended her far-right party's stance against immigration and in defence of French culture and security.

Le Pen is assured of being re-elected party leader at the FN conference at the weekend in Lille as there is no competition.