KFC returns to UK supplier after chicken fiasco


London (AFP)

US fast-food chain KFC has re-employed its former delivery supplier in Britain after an embarrassing shortage of chicken forced the closure of hundreds of restaurants.

KFC announced Thursday that Bidvest Logistics would supply 350, or more than one-third of its UK restaurants, but added that new partners DHL and QSL would be kept on board.

"Our focus remains on ensuring our customers can enjoy our chicken without further disruption," a KFC spokesman said in a statement.

"With that in mind, the decision has been taken in conjunction with QSL and DHL to revert the distribution contract for up to 350 of our restaurants in the north of the UK back to Bidvest Logistics."

The spokesman added that some three percent of KFC's 900 restaurants remained shut, while suppliers were still struggling to deliver items such as salads and drinks to outlets that were open.

News of KFC's delivery issues emerged three weeks ago, causing much amusement on social media -- and one police department to tweet a request that people do not call the emergency service about the #KFCcrisis.