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'Me Too', but what next? Changing laws & attitudes on gender equality

We've all heard the slogans: "Me Too", "Balance Ton Porc" in France, "Time’s Up" in Hollywood. It feels like issues of women’s rights, gender equality and ending harassment and violence against women have never been more present. But as the world marked International Women’s Day this week, the statistics show there's still far to go. Research shows that tens of millions of women here in Europe have suffered physical and/or sexual violence.


The average pay gap between men and women in the EU is more than 15%, according to workers’ unions. And decision-makers remain predominantly male: only a little over a third of all MEPs are women. So what’s the answer: more laws? Changing mentalities? Changing laws to change mentalities?

Produced by Isabelle Romero and Roxane Runel

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