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You've been Tillersoned: Trump dumps Secretary of State via tweet

IN THE WORLD PAPERS - Wednesday, March 14: We look at the cheeky, hilarious and scathing reactions to Donald Trump firing Rex Tillerson via social media! What does it mean for US foreign policy? We also look at reactions to an attempted assassination of Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah. What does this mean for peace in the region? Also, Nat Geo's April issue looks at the magazine's history of racist reporting. Finally, we look at Stephen Hawking's cult legacy in pop culture.


For more on our stories, check out the links below:

The New York Post goes with a hilarious cover, while the New York Times wonders if we'll miss Tillerson, who was after all one of the more realist voices in the Trump administration. USA Today's editors meanwhile call it a Rexit: right move, wrong reasons.

Also find out why being 'Tillersoned' has become a thing on social media!

Nat Geo's April issue is mea culpa for past racist reporting. Read all about it here.

Finally, renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking passes away. Metro looks back at his legacy in pop culture.

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