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India's missing women: The dark legacy of sex selection

In India, officials say the population is missing more than 60 million women, equivalent to the entire population of the UK. It's the result of a decades-old preference in India for male children, leading to neglect, abortion and infanticide. Today, the effects are visible: there are entire villages without a single woman.


We also look at the #MeToo movement in South Korea. Accusations of sexual harassment have led to a series of resignations by high-profile men - we hear from one woman who has spoken out.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong is suffering a housing crisis, with real estate prices twice as high as in Paris. One developer has found an innovative way to dramatically cut costs. The only catch: you must be willing to live in a concrete water pipe.

Finally, some researchers say the Przewalski is the last true wild horse. It was nearly hunted to extinction, with the last wild specimen recorded in Mongolia back in the 1960s. But now the stocky, short-legged horse is making a comeback.

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