Deadliest fires in Russia in the past decade


Moscow (AFP)

A fire that killed dozens in Siberia is the latest in a number of deadly blazes in Russia, where many buildings are in a poor state and safety measures lax.

Here is a list of the deadliest fires in Russia over the past 10 years.

- 2016 -

- August 27: At least 16 migrant workers, most of them from Kyrgyzstan, die in a fire in a printing company warehouse in an industrial zone in northern Moscow.

The blaze is thought to have been caused by a broken lamp in a room containing large quantities of flammable liquids and paper products.

- 2015 -

- December 12: A fire rips through a psychiatric hospital in a village in the southern Voronezh region, killing 23 patients, most of them aged in their 60s and 70s. Old electricity installations are blamed.

- 2013 -

- September 13: A fire sweeps through an aged wood-and-concrete psychiatric hospital for men in the village of Luka, southeast of Saint Petersburg, killing 37 people.

The blaze was apparently started by a patient, but the institution had already been told to improve its fire safety measures.

- April 26: Thirty-eight people, mostly psychiatric patients, are killed in a fire that ravages a wood-and-brick hospital in the Moscow region. Victims are engulfed by flames as they sleep behind barred windows.

- 2012 -

- April 3: Seventeen Central Asian migrant workers die when a nighttime fire engulfs a Moscow market warehouse that had been stocked to the ceiling with cots and turned into a makeshift home.

An official says the workers had probably left a heater on all night to stay warm.

- 2009 -

- December 5: A blaze sparked by illegal indoor fireworks sweeps through the Lame Horse nightclub in the Ural city of Perm, leaving 156 people dead.

The fireworks caused plastic and straw elements in the decor to melt and emit deadly fumes. Most of those who died suffocated from the fumes, unable to find their way out with emergency exits blocked.

- January 31: Twenty-three people die after a fire engulfs a village residence in northern Russia's remote Komi Republic.

- 2007 -

- November 5: At least 30 people are killed when a fire tears though a retirement home in a 1950s-era building with wooden beams near the city of Tula, south of Moscow.

Authorities had tried already to shut down the home after serious violations, including the lack of an alarm system.

- March 20: A fire destroys a nursing home in the rural southern village of Kamyshevatskaya, killing 63 people.