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Second round of Sierra Leone elections postponed to March 31

In tonight's edition, the second round of the presidential elections in Sierra Leone have been postponed to March 31; Cameroon's senatorial elections are held under tight security, and Mombasa is due for a facelift as the county tries to save the old city from ruin.


On the eve of what was to be the presidential run-off vote, Sierra Leone’s election committee announces that the poll has been pushed back to Saturday. The delay follows the lifting of an injunction on the election that was imposed over the weekend.

Also, the count is underway in Cameroon for the country's senatorial polls. The vote is closely watched amidst mounting tensions linked to the Anglophone separatist crisis.

And, Mombasa is due for a facelift. Kenya's second city is pretty run down in parts and a project is now underway to bring the historic "old town" up to date.

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